Cool Stuff

Here you'll find some very cool stuff. If you know of some cool service on the internet, please e-mail me.

xDrive It's like getting a hard drive on the web. For FREE, get up to 5 GB of storage on the internet. With the desktop application you can actually use the drive like another hard drive letter. You can access your files anywhere from any web browser. Share files with your friends and family. It's totally cool. - This is the most coolest thing I've seen in years! You call a toll free number (works from a payphone). You can get movie listings, restaurants, sports scores, and more. The extremely unique thing about this is that it's done via your voice. Want to know how the Yankees did? Say, "". You can also make a 2 min free call. So it's good if you don't have change for a payphone.

skype - With skype, you can make free PC to PC video and voice calls. It's really great. Requires Windows XP for video. Voice works in 2000. - This service will allow you to setup a fax number for you to receive faxes. Efax will assign you your own personal fax number in some random area code. People can send you faxes to that number and you’ll receive the fax via your e-mail. I like this, because I don’t own a fax machine, and I don’t normally have my computer setup to receive faxes. Now I’ve got a 24/7 fax machine. When you open your faxes, you’ll see a small ad on the screen for a few seconds. People sending you faxes can’t tell you’re using a free service. - Get your own toll free number. - Need a hotel style wake up call? Don’t spend money on these 540 or 900 services. Mr. Wakeup will call you anytime, day or night, and remind you of things to do. Alarm clock broken? Have Mr. Wakeup call you up at 7 am. Have an important meeting you’re afraid you’ll miss? Get called to let you know where you need to be. When Mr. Wakeup calls you, it can give you a message in your own voice, a text message spoken by the computer, news, information, even your horoscope. Other services are also available. Ads are played on the phone when you get your call. - With ShoutMail you can access many various news and information contents from a phone. Listen to news, weather, sports, stock quotes, investment info, horoscopes and more. You can also get e-mail was well. & - Two really good sites for watching videos or listenin to music. You can watch shows or listen to radio in real time over the internet. The quality's not yet as good as a real TV, but if you have over a 56k modem it may look decent. Most shows are not designed for DSL or cable. I'm on a 56k modem and I really enjoy this. I bought some attachements to hook up my computer to my TV set. Why the TV instead of just watching it on my monitor, so I can now watch this stuff in another room. It's really easy to do. I bought the AVerMedia iMicro it allows you to display your computer simultaneously on your computer monitor and your TV. I like the fact that it has a zoom feature to enlarge some of the small video clips that many sites use. For sound I got from RadioShack some plugs. My TV is mono so I bought a "phono jack to mini stereo plug" to hook my sound card up to the audio plug. If you use a stereo TV, you'd need a "stereo phono jack to mini stereo plug". As a side note, if you want to hook up a video game system to your computer monitor, it looks awesome on the monitor. You can get the Jam!! from AIMS Labs. It takes the video signal and converts it for use on the montior. I love playing my PlayStation on my PC monitor. It's much more crisper than my TV. To get the audio, use one of the photo jack converters I mentioned before and plug in your speakers. What would really be cool, would be to get a wireless radio mouse and keyboard, and have a PC in another room. But on my 13 inch kitchen TV, the resolution's not that clear for small text. Imagine surfing the internet or playing your favorite game on a 50 inch big screen TV!

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