Larry's Paint V 2.0

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Larry's Paint is a free Java applet program that allows you to make various paintings. You can draw two ways. A simple way of drawing is to use premade images, called stamps, to put in your painting. The other way to draw, is by hand, using a coloring pen. Your paintings can even have a background. The program comes with stamps and backgrounds, however you are able to change them to your own images. This program can be used in a small way to display a slide show that you can annotate.

I've recently made a spin off of Larry's Paint. I've made a signature applet that lets you draw something and send the data over a form. It can be used for people to have a drawing program on their site where visitors can submit their own drawings. It also can even be perhaps tied to a shopping form and capture a users signature. It has lots of potential uses. Check out my Signature Applet.

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When choosing a background or stamp, please give it a few seconds for it to load. Stamps are around 5k each, backgrounds are around 30k each. In IE 3.0, you may need to select the background twice for it to display.

When in Color mode clicking and dragging the mouse draws a line. The drawing color is displayed at the top of the applet.
When in Stamp mode, clicking the applet places the stamp in the applet.

To print in Windows 95 or higher, capture the contents of the screen, by pressing PRINT SCREEN. Now go to Paint or any other image program and paste the image to print it out. Paint is found in Start/Programs/Accessories/Paint.

For the Mac do command-shift-3, the screen is saved as "picture 1", or another numbered PICT file in the root level of your hard drive for you to print. The new Mac OS has command-shift-4, to select the area saved. I don't use a Mac, and I got these instructions from a newsgroup. If they don't work for you, check with someone that knows the Mac.

You can customize Larry's Paint to use your own images for the backgrounds and stamps. You can use family photos, pictures of pets, etc. . I hope you like it and find it fun to play with. Since it's a Java applet, it should work on any platform, PC, Mac, Unix, etc. that can display Java applets and read a zip file.

If you have a web site and want to have a fun interactive toy on your site, this is perfect. Customize the graphics to go with your site. If you're a TV or movie studio, or cartoon company, you can have your owm characters as images and visitors can create their own scenes.

If you use this on your web site, please send me the URL. I really enjoy seeing the things I made in use.

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