My Favorite Images.

On my ordering page, you can visit each item and then choose to Zoom In. After the image is zoomed in, you can right click the image and choose "Set As Wallpaper"

I also have a collection of pictures of animals from a local zoo and aquarium. They can be used as wallpaper, however they are not in 640*480 proportion and are jpg. Some are close to that proportion and look nice as wallpaper. You can make them wallpaper by right clicking on the image you want and selecting "Set As Wallpaper". The Aquatic Life, Mixture of Animals, and Jungle series are close to 640*480. I like the Aquatic Life series the best for wallpaper.

If you don't have the Plus! pack for Windows 95 and you want to have wallpaper stretch to full screen or the other display options from the Plus! pack, now you can! Download a free program from Microsoft. It's the Font Smoother add-on for 95 users without the Plus! pack. However, it includes the wallpaper stretch option and other options you get for your display, Plus! options.

Download the Font Smoother (Display properties of the Plus! pack) here!

Other Wallpaper Sites!

A site that lists lots of wallpaper sites is Wallpaper Central.

A site with a collection of some nature wallpaper is Stellar Nature Scenes.

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Have a wallpaper site? Want to exchange links? Why not send me your address and perhaps a small graphic and I can place a link to your site. I can send you a small graphic to place on your site.