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All my children's programs work on MS Windows 3.1 & 95. Programs that require 95 will be noted 95 only.

Message Of The Day Mover works in DOS as well.

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Children's Software
Java applets & internet stuff
Misc. Utility titles

Children's Titles

Paddle BattlePaddle Battle
Paddle Battle is a great pong clone for windows. You have two paddles on either side of the screen and you have to knock the ball into your goal. You have two orbs moving on the screen which knock the ball in to different places, which adds to the fun of the game. It has lots of good graphics along with nice sound effects. Its for two players! Not many PC games work with two players on the same computer, these days. is around 237k. It's fully functional shareware.

Here is a to download Paddle Battle.

Larry's Learning Math MachineLarry's Learning Math Machine

Larry's Learning Math Machine: A math practicing program for windows. You are aboard a space ship and you enter problems into the ship's computer. The computer tells you if you are right or wrong. Parents can give their child a list of problems to solve and the computer will check if they are right. When you get the problem right you are rewarded with pictures of space ships and planets with music. This one has awesome graphics and lots of sounds. is around 941k, but some sites list it as 919k (that's just a wrong estimate). The unregistered shareware version is limited to use of addition and subtraction only. The registered mode allows multiplication and division too.


Larry's Learning Letters and NumbersLarry's Learning Letters and Numbers
Larry's Learning Letters and Numbers: With graphics and sounds you'll learn the letters of the alphabet & the numbers 0 through 10. Plus you'll be able to play with lots of sounds, such as the piano. Real human voice speaks everything. User friendly interface. Animated animals and objects. Also you can have fun by just pressing all the letters and numbers to play different musical sounds and speech. is around 1.5 meg. This is a fully working shareware program.

Here is a great link to download Larry's Learning Letters & Numbers

Larry's ToysLarry's Toys
Larry's Toys is a collection of 16 toys and games for a child to play with. Using the mouse, you move the toys around the screen and interact with them. It makes children feel like they are holding the toy in their hands. Lots of animation and music. is around 1.8 meg in size. The unregistered version will only allow the use of 5 of the toys. In the registered mode all 16 toys are available.


Larry's Animals-n-ThingsLarry's Animals-n-Things
Larry's Animals-n-Things: Here there are animals and objects for a child to click on, using the mouse, and the things on the screen make sounds or move. around 470k. It's fully functional shareware. All I ask for is a postcard, if you like it. It's basically free.

Download Larry's Animals-n-Things

Larry's Master the MouseLarry's Master the Mous e
Larry's Master the Mouse: A great mouse learning program. It teaches the movements of the mouse, clicking, double clicking, and more. It has games and drills to help teach the mouse. Lots of animation and sounds. If your son or daughter liked Larry's Animals-n-Things, I'm sure they'll like this. There is also a paint program if you register. is around 1.3 meg. The mouse tutorial part is fully functional, only the bonuses are disabled unless you register.



Larry's Wacky Tic-Tac-ToeLarry's Wacky Tic-Tac-Toe
Larry's Wacky Tic-Tac-Toe: the game of Tic-Tac-Toe with lots of wacky sounds. The games is for 2 players, and its lots of fun to play. Not only will children enjoy this, but adults might like to play this during a break at work, or on a portable computer. It's loads of fun for everyone. is around 540K. It's fully functional shareware. All I ask for is a postcard, if you like it. It's basically free.

Here is a great link to download Larry's Wacky Tic-Tac-Toe

Here is another link to download Larry's Wacky Tic-Tac-Toe.

Here is a list of sites that have: Larry's Wacky Tic-Tac-Toe.

Larry's Songs Larry's Songs

Larry's Songs is a program that plays 10 different songs while various figures march around the screen. Almost like a digital music box. It allows for a custom message to be displayed on startup as well. It's fully functional shareware. All I ask for is a postcard, if you like it. It's basically free.

Here is a link to download Larry's Songs

Larry's Marble Removal Larry's Marble Removal

Larry's Marble Removal is a logic/puzzle game. There are 15 marbles on a board and you take turns removing various amounts. The person to remove the final marble is the winner. It's fully functional shareware. All I ask for is a postcard, if you like it. It's basically free.

Here is a link to download Larry's Marble Removal

Larry's Paint Larry's Paint

Larry's Paint A fun applet in which you can draw with colored pens, or premade picture stamps. It even allows you to customize it with your own images as stamps or backgrounds.

Larry's Flash Cards is a program designed to allow a parent or teacher to make custom learning exercises for their child or student. This is a free program. More info and a link to download Larry's Flash Cards.

Larry's Keys is a program designed to allow a parent or teacher to setup the keys on the keyboard so when they are pressed sounds, pictures, and text will appear on the screen. Get more info and a link to download.

Larry's Count An applet to teach counting. Displays 0 to 20 cookies on the screen.

Learn about logic gates. AND, OR, & NOT gates.

Play Larry's Lights, a puzzle game on-line. Press buttons lighting various lights. Some lights go on, some go off. Try and get them all on.

Learn how to use the computer mouse I've made some Java applets to help teach people unformiliar with the computer mouse.

Larry's Light Draw - Draw with different colored lights.

Larry's Sounds - Have fun playing with various sound effects.

Java Applets, Scripts and Internet Stuff

Goetz's Net Tools

Goetz's Net Tools v 1.0 Goetz's Net Tools I combined my best internet tools into one package.

Goetz's Graphics Kit

Goetz's Graphics Kit v 1.02 Goetz's Graphics Kit design your own graphical Java Applets. Makes banner ads, text displays, and more.

Goetz's Scrolling Text v 1.2: A Java applet to display scrolling text on your home page. Click here for more info, an example, and a link to download it.

Goetz's Calendar v 1.0: Goetz's Calendar The same calendar you see at the begining on this page. Display today's day, date, greeting and holiday or event on your home page.

Free animated GIFs by Lawrence Goetz for your web page. Animated GIFs Great for use on your web or intranet site.

URL Sorter: If you keep any kind of listing of links on your web page, you need to keep them organized. With URL Sorter, you give it an input file consisting of titles, addresses, and descriptions, and it will produce the HTML code for the listing of links alphabetically. It's an easy to use, handy tool, for making and keeps your listing of links in order.

For more infomation on URL Sorter: URL Sorter information.
Windows 95 or higher

Goetz's Banner v 2.0: Goetz's Banner Display a series of images on your page with this Java Applet. It lets you link a URL to each of the images, so making a fancy banner ad is easy with this applet. The images zoom in as they change.

Goetz's Marquee v 1.0: Goetz's Marquee A Java applet to make animated buttons, signs, titles, etc. for your web page.

Goetz's Banner Script v 1.0: Goetz's Banner Script A JavaScript to display random banner ads on a page.

Auto Reload: Auto Reload Allows you to have a page automatically reload for you. Great for sites that have information that are constantly updated. Like webcams, news, sports, finance.

Goetz's Download: Goetz's Download Help's download files from sites where they are embedded in a web page.

Goetz's Menu Script: Goetz's Menu Script A Javascript program to help you make a menu with images that change when the mouse goes over them.

Lawrence Goetz's Viewer: Lawrence Goetz's Viewer is a FREE Java applet that will allow you to display an image on your web page. The visitor can then move the image and zoom in or out of it. It gives the impression of being in the image.

Lawrence Goetz's Image 3D: Lawrence Goetz's Image 3D is a FREE Java applet that will allow you to display a 3D image on your web page. The image rotates about the X, Y or Z axis.

Signature Applet. Have your signature or any drawing sent via e-mail. This allows you to capture the writtings of your visitors for a web art gallery, or perhaps even to capture a signature for an online order. This applet has many possiblities.

Various Java Scripts that I've made.: Java Scripts - Some script to do different tasks. Unit conversion for weight, temp., lenght, volume. Time calculations. Drawing, 3D text, and moving picture, and other scripts.

Wallpaper Titles


Nature Wallpaper: I've made many collections of 24 bit, high quality, nature themed desktop wallpaper for your computer. 83 images in all! Click here to view the collections. You'll be able to download the collections, via a link from their page.

Misc. Utility Titles

Message Of The Day Mover v1.0. With this freeware program you can have it rotate the message of the day on a computer network or your home PC. You provide it with the files, and then either once a day, or whenever you want, it can change the file. It's not only for network type messages, but you can have it display jokes, computer tips, or whatever you want. It's great for rotating the background in Windows, or to change your startup or shutdown sound effects. It can be used for any files you need to rotate on a timely basis. Works in DOS or Windows 95. is only 13k.

Here is a link to download

Message Of The Day Mover

Goetz's Programming Kit v 1.0: This is a programming kit to allow children and adults to easily program on their computer. You program in JavaScript and run it in your browser. I've made special tools and wrote a guide so you can get started writing programs with ease.

Get more info on Goetz's Programming Kit

Larry's Slide Show v 1.0: You can create a slide show in your browser with your own images, sounds, and text. More info and an example can be found here: More info

Goetz's Directory Details v 1.01: Goetz's Directory Details Print out the contents of your directories. Sort by various options.
Windows 95 or higher

Goetz's File Splitter v 2.0: Goetz's File Splitter Split up files into smaller files for use on floppies or e-mail attachments.
Windows 95, NT or higher

Goetz's Screen Saver v 1.0: Goetz's Screen Saver Make your own custom screen saver. Use your company logo, picture, any bmp will do.
Windows 95 or higher

IP Info: Find out your IP address.

Binary Counter: Learn how to count in binary.

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