Recent changes to my site:

4/11/02 Learn to count in Binary.

1/6/02 Signature Applet. UPDATED.  Now you can order
the Perl script for use on your web site.

4/6/01 Promote my site with a Flyer.

3/7/01 Signature Applet. UPDATED Have your signature or any drawing sent via a form. This allows you to capture the writings of your visitors for a web art gallery, or perhaps even to capture a signature for an online order. This applet has many possiblities.

2/1/01 I have added new wallpaper taken at a garden. 76 images added.

1/19/01 I have added new wallpaper of fish and flowers. Almost 100 images added.

1/19/01 Goetz's File Splitter v 2.0 released - Split files to fit on floppies or for email attachments.

12/31/00 I've made a program to help download embedded files on websites.

12/29/00 I have added a video of fish on my aquarium page.

11/17/00 I have added new wallpaper from photos of New Jersey landscapes. Over 50 photos.

10/25/00 I'm offering free consulting by phone.

10/20/00 I have added 4 new wallpaper collection for an additional 100 images.

9/29/00 I organized a list of helpful links

9/28/00 I made Larry's Sounds. And some fun with some effects in this Flash program.

9/27/00 I've added a list of some useful sites.

 9/15/00 I've made a version of Auto Reload that works on Internet Explorer.

7/20/00 I've added new wallpaper photos. Nature wallpaper collection #6.

5/23/00 I have updated Larry's Paint

3/7/00 Updated my IP info. Find out your IP address.

12/28/99 Order Nature Photo Products Now you can get T-shirts, mugs, and mousepads of some of my nature wallpaper photos.

12/23/99 Nature Wallpaper Added new nature wallpaper.

12/9/99 Cool Stuff Find some cool stuff online.

12/7/99 Image Viewer I updated my image viewer applet.

11/29/99 Home Page Selection Have a special home page for your home page button.

10/21/99 Net Tools Pro Order my applets online.

10/14/99 Signature Applet. Have your signature or any drawing sent via e-mail. This allows you to capture the writings of your visitors for a web art gallery, or perhaps even to capture a signature for an online order. This applet has many possiblities.

8/31/99 I've added a shopping mall to my site. Go shopping online.

8/18/99 I've added an aquarium to my zoo. Also a shark photo to my wallpaper collection.

8/15/99 Now you can order the registered version of Goetz's Graphics Kit over the internet.

8/6/99 Larry's Light Draw. A fun Java applet to draw with different colored lights.

7/22/99 Goetz's Marquee has been updated. Bugs have been fixed and new features have been added (such as background and mouseover images).

7/18/99 Find out your IP address

5/15/99 New Nature Scenes added to the wallpaper section

5/11/99 Learn how to use the computer mouse I've made some Java applets to help teach people unformiliar with the computer mouse.

03/26/99 Print out a mother's day card

URL Sorter is updated.

Goetz's Banner v2.0. I've updated Goetz's Banner.

Learn about logic gates. AND, OR, & NOT gates.

03/07/99 Play a puzzle game on-line. Press buttons lighting various lights. Some lights go on, some go off. Try and get them all on.

03/03/99 Learn the alphabet and how to count from 1 to 10. Learn to say the alphabet and to count both forwards and backwards. Click here

02/24/99 Lawrence Goetz's Image 3D Deluxe Available new features have been added and the About button has been removed.

01/10/99 Larry's Paint A fun & free applet in which you can draw with colored pens, or premade picture stamps.

01/06/99 Wallpaper I added 3 new nature wallpaper collections to my site.

12/28/98 Lawrence Goetz's Image 3D is a FREE Java applet that will allow you to display a 3D image on your web page. The image rotates about the X, Y or Z axis.

12/24/98 Larry's Count An applet to teach counting.

12/20/98 Lawrence Goetz's Viewer is a FREE Java applet will allow you to display an image on your web page. The visitor can then move the image and zoom in or out of it. It gives the impression of being in the image.

12/15/98 Goetz's Menu Script A Javascript program to help you make a menu with images that change when the mouse goes over them.

12/13/98 Stories that I've written Here is a collect of stories that I've made.

11/28/98 I've made a program that allows a parent or teach to assign sounds, pictures, and text to be displayed when someone presses the keys on the keyboard.

11/26/98 I've updated my free flash card program.

11/14/98 I've added Aquatic Life to my virtual zoo.

11/8/98 Cartoons made by my friend Lex in high school

11/6/98 Now out of beta, I've made a custom screen saver program. Have your company logo or other picture as a screen saver.

9/2/98 Goetz's Banner Script A free JavaScript to display random banner ads on a page.

8/28/98 I've made a Java applet that lets you write a script to design your own graphical Java applets. Goetz's Graphics Kit

8/26/98 I've made a spiral art drawing Java applet. Swirl-n-Twirl

8/17/98 I've made a virtual zoo and butterfly wallpaper.

8/12/98 I've made more nature wallpaper.

7/30/98 goes online.

7/23/98 I've made a new collection of wallpaper, Aquatic Wallpaper.

7/14/98 I've made a flash card learning program for teachers and parents to help their students and children. I've also bundled my applets and other net programs into Goetz's Net Tools.

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